Ethan’s Update: Springfield, Mo.

MMG was hard at work at the Invitational in Springfield, Missouri. Springfield was the last three-day event of the 2019 PBR season; so the rides as well as the points were large.

My week with the team started early Friday, at 5 AM to be exact. We took to the JQH Arena on the campus of Missouri State to coordinate interviews with television station KOLR with bull riders Taylor Toves and Cooper Davis.

After the television interviews, and some delicious doughnuts (Thanks to Gold-N-Glaze Donuts!), we went to the Outlaw Country radio station to promote the event  where I went on-air with stock contractor LJ Jenkins.

Every night, an hour before the event, we met with the crew of PBR’s RidePass to discuss the schedule for the night’s festivities. During the event, we directed local newspapers and TV crews where to be to get the best vantage point for each night’s action.

As the event drew to a close on Sunday, we went on the dirt one last time. The winner in Springfield was world leader, Jose Vitor Leme. Leme went two for three and rode Biker Bob for 92 points and the win. Leme collected 660 world points for his efforts, and currently has a 1,026 point lead on the field. We interviewed Leme, with new buckle in hand, as well as new rookie leader Ezekiel Mitchell. Mitchell has a breakthrough performance in Springfield placing second and finishing two for three after falling off Sky Harbor. Mitchell now holds a slender 38 point lead in the Rookie of the Year race.

MMG had a blast in Springfield and I cannot wait for my next update on our team adventures.

-Ethan Brown