Ethan’s Update: Springfield, Mo.

MMG was hard at work at the Invitational in Springfield, Missouri. Springfield was the last three-day event of the 2019 PBR season; so the rides as well as the points were large.

My week with the team started early Friday, at 5 AM to be exact. We took to the JQH Arena on the campus of Missouri State to coordinate interviews with television station KOLR with bull riders Taylor Toves and Cooper Davis.

After the television interviews, and some delicious doughnuts (Thanks to Gold-N-Glaze Donuts!), we went to the Outlaw Country radio station to promote the event  where I went on-air with stock contractor LJ Jenkins.

Every night, an hour before the event, we met with the crew of PBR’s RidePass to discuss the schedule for the night’s festivities. During the event, we directed local newspapers and TV crews where to be to get the best vantage point for each night’s action.

As the event drew to a close on Sunday, we went on the dirt one last time. The winner in Springfield was world leader, Jose Vitor Leme. Leme went two for three and rode Biker Bob for 92 points and the win. Leme collected 660 world points for his efforts, and currently has a 1,026 point lead on the field. We interviewed Leme, with new buckle in hand, as well as new rookie leader Ezekiel Mitchell. Mitchell has a breakthrough performance in Springfield placing second and finishing two for three after falling off Sky Harbor. Mitchell now holds a slender 38 point lead in the Rookie of the Year race.

MMG had a blast in Springfield and I cannot wait for my next update on our team adventures.

-Ethan Brown


Be Cowboy: Ethan Brown returns to PBR’s RidePass in Springfield

As the Ford trucks rolled in last November and the 2018 PBR World Finals black carpet was underway, PBR insider Justin Felisko met his match.

At the entryway of the carpet sat a quiet 16-year-old overcome by being at the ultimate competition of his favorite sport. Little did anyone know that the somewhat withdrawn young man could go stat-for-stat with some of the sport’s greatest.

Since birth, Ethan Brown has lived with cerebral palsy, which has affected mostly the left side of his body, causing weakness and paralysis, with contractures of muscles and joint complications. Despite the challenges of this chronic disease, it has never stopped him from having a cowboy mentality and living his life to the fullest. 

“Ethan’s always admired the grit and determination it takes to compete in bull riding,” said Chris Brown, Ethan’s dad. “I think he can relate, with the multiple surgeries he’s had over the years. He’s had to fight to recover from each operation and show grit and determination to learn to walk again and again. He and the riders both know what it means to be injured, and to get up and keep competing every day.”

In early 2018 Ethan’s parents worked with Kansas City-based “Dream Factory” to grant Ethan the wish of a lifetime, attending the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas. But Ethan’s family didn’t stop there. They shared his passion and dedication to learning the history of the sport and also his love of journalism – which sparked an idea within the PBR team that would forever change his life.

Ethan Brown with Jess Lockwood

After a whirlwind few days of walking the carpet with riders he now calls friends like Chase Outlaw and Jess Lockwood, talking stats and scores with Felisko and reminiscing about PBR events and retired bulls with legends like Ty Murray, Justin McBride, Adriano Moraes and Cody Lambert – the ultimate wish went to the next level when the PBR team took Ethan to what he thought was just observe the live RidePass show.

After months of planning, Ethan was about to be surprised and invited to the desk to call rides live on the broadcast alongside Matt West, Colby Yates and his idol, stat guru Felisko. The teenager took to his feet from his wheelchair and stood side by side with the talented anchors, matching their wit and knowledge with each jump of the bulls.

West’s friendship with Ethan has grown since that November evening, and the two frequently connect pre-event each week to discuss matchups.

“Sometimes in life, God connects you with people that just make your life better,” West said. “That’s exactly what happened to all of us when we met Ethan. His infectious energy and passion for the sport and its athletes is undeniable.”

Ethan Brown with Ty Murray, Justin McBride and Adriano Moraes

Almost one year later, Ethan, who is now in his senior year of high school, will make his return to the RidePass desk on Friday, Sept. 13 as the Invitational gets underway in Springfield, Missouri. His energy, determination and love for the sport have magnified in the months following his journalistic debut.

“I am so honored to be asked back,” said Ethan. “It is such a blessing to be a part of the PBR, I must have done something right!”

If you ask the PBR team, bull riders and RidePass crew that have had the privilege of working with this talented young man, they will tell you the honor was theirs, and that all Ethan has overcome, his positive outlook and dedication to his future is the truest definition of cowboy that there is.

Look out Felisko…


MMG Team’s First Cheyenne Frontier Days A Success

Photo Courtesy: Stephen Jester

Following a very busy week in Cheyenne, Wyoming for “The Daddy of ‘Em All” the MMG team is finally recovered and looking onward to our upcoming events. First, we took a few minutes to reflect on our experiences.

Overall, the event was a massive success with two well-attended nights of bull riding, with a Tuesday night performance that was sold out. We played host for more than 20 different media outlets both before and during the performances, including Barstool Sports.


MMG Team Preparing To Take On “The Daddy of ’em All”

McCary Media Group will be on-site with The Professional Bull Riders at the legendary Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

As part of our ongoing work with The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) McCary Media group is excited to rise to a new challenge as PBR brings its Last Cowboy Standing competition format to Cheyenne Frontier Days for the first time ever.

Cheyenne Frontier Days runs from July 19-28 2019 and PBR’s Last Cowboy Standing runs during the July 22-23 performances.

Light it up BLUE for Autism Awareness Day!




The Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities, the only multi-specialty center for diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the state of Nevada invites you to join them in recognizing World Autism Awareness Day on Thursday, April 2, 2015.

To commemorate the day, join the team from Touro at the famous Welcome to Las Vegas Sign for the “Light it up BLUE” ceremony at 9:30AM!

Don’t forget to wear blue ALL day on Thursday to show your support!

About the Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities

The TUN Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities opened in 2008 as a state-of-the-art facility designed with the special needs of children with developmental disabilities in mind. The facility offers multiple evidence-based therapy services for children 18 months to 12 years; as well as diagnostic neuropsychological evaluations for children 18 months to 17 years. The TUN Center is the only multi-specialty facility providing treatment and diagnostic services for Autism in the state of Nevada and provides an outstanding team of fully-accredited/ licensed and caring professionals.